<b> Chinese clerks consider smoking ban is dangerous for society </b> <p> Social stability in China will be at risk if government tries to ban smoking. This subject was told by one of the clerks on annual meeting of parliament. &laquo;Smoking is dangerous for health, but smoking ban is dangerous for social medium&raquo;, told deputy of public administration of tobacco monopoly Chjan Baochjen. &laquo;When USSR falls apart, smokers protested because they could not buy cigarettes. This may happen in China too, told he as the answer on number of parliament members offer to restrict smoking. <p> &laquo;As China is a developing country, we badly need tobacco industry&raquo;, said Chjan. <p> Partial smoking bans are acting in most countries of the world, including Gong-Kong, which went to China jurisdiction from 1997, some European countries and USA. In China, which is the biggest manufacturer and consumer of <a href="http://www.cigline.net">cigarettes</a> – almost 2 trillion a year – acts smoking ban on driving, but most people neglect of it. <p> “With high technologies development we can make smoking less harmful, cut down the percent of toxical components”, - reports Chjan s words Associated Press.