<p><b>Smuggler-doves have imported cigarettes from Cuba for American</b></p> <p>American artist Duke Riley has taught doves to bring him cigars from Cuba. Feathered landing forces of 50 doves have made route of 160 kilometers: from Havana to Qui-West, Florida state.</p> <p>Doves' team was divided into two groups. One group had to bring cigars and another - to shoot this process. With this purpose cameras have been attached to them. On the way some birds have died, only 23 came back. 11 doves have brought <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, 6 units each. The author of this method hasn't told who has met doves on Cuba.</p> <p>Later Riley has confessed that this was invented by him not to have <b>cigarettes</b> but to attract attention of the community of protest movement against economical blockade of Cuba from part of American authorities. On September 1st he opened exhibition under name "Trade with enemy".</p>