<p><b>In Olympic village will be introduced strictest ban on cigarettes and alcohol</b></p> <p>In Olympic village will be introduced strict laws. First of all, will be introduced strictest ban on <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>: village is a zone free of smoking. Also in Olympic village will be impossible to find alcohol. Besides, teams will be prohibited to organize personal kitchens and take own cooks - all will eat in a huge canteen with diversified menu that was agreed with International Olympic Committee (IOC).</p> <p>Question what to do with entertainment, discos and clubs is still under consideration of organizers. It is known just that in the Center of the village will be placed big pavilion that will become main center of entertainments. There will be also prohibited smoking and drinking of alcohol beverages, but sportsmen will be able to communicate and dance if someone wants it. All other entertainments - behind the walls of Olympic village.</p> <p>It will not be so difficult for sportsmen to go outside the village and come back with lots of rich impressions. To enter the village for those who are not members of official delegation will not be easy. For this purpose there are guest entrance cards. Using them relatives and friends can visit Olympic Games participants, stay in the village till certain time and even eat in the canteen. The prohibition is only one - they will not be able to stay overnight. Number of entrance cards depends on the fact how seriously national team is presented one or another on Olympic Games.</p> <p>Mountain village near ski-biathlon complex "Laura" builds "Gazprom" and scale is seen in everything. All cottages are built of North pine and such accommodation sportsmen haven't had in Olympiads history.</p> <p>The main advantage of Coastal Olympic village is adjacency of Coastal cluster. Skaters, figure skaters, hockey players, short-track and curling masters and generally all who will settle in "Sochnyi" will be able to reach objects in the worst case scenario in 10 minutes. But they will not walk as according to regulation they should be driven.</p>