<p><b>In Australian state want to fully prohibit smoking in prisons</b></p> <p>From May 2014 Queensland officers (state on North-East of continental part of Australia) want to introduce full ban on smoking in prisons. Prisoners will be offered nicotine batches instead of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> for health-improving. However correctional system representatives are afraid that such changes may provoke revolts.</p> <p>As Meddaily writes, ban on smoking in the wards works for five years now, however till today it is allowed to smoke in special smoking zones. According to statistics, approximately 80 % of prisoners smoke. It is five times higher than in average for Queensland population. As New Zealand example has shown, introduction of total ban on smoking in prisons may provoke growth of attacks from part of prisoners by 180%.</p> <p>According to the opinion of Minister of Health Lawrence Springborg, prison workers will cope with the situation. But public groups that support prisoners underline that smoking helps convicts fighting with stress and moral coercion. Emphasis should be made on rehabilitation programs.</p>