<p><b>How to choose a lighter? Part 2</b></p> <p>Lighter execution</p> <p>As to execution lighters can be:</p> <ul> <li>Desktop</li> <li>Manual</li> </ul> <p>Second variant is universal and is widely used. First is suitable for cabinet or office and may become unusual and interesting interior element. The main part of the lighter may be marble, wooden, and metal. Such lighters are situated steadily on horizontal surface.</p> <p>Lighters for pipes and cigars</p> <p>At all times cigars and pipes were lighted with matches. Real cigar admires proceed in such a way today as well. There are special matches for pipes and cigars they are longer and thinner than usual as it is not so easy to light up a cigar. But modern technologies take their course and cigar admires gradually switch to lighters. It is very important to choose the lighter correctly. As cigar has ability to absorb well any strange scents, it is not recommended to light up a cigar using petrol lighter. Petrol smell through the flame is transmitted to cigars' aroma. It is better to use as lighter with low flame. Cigars are more often smoked in quite reputable society and it obliges choosing prestigious lighter. For example, there are lighters with two nozzles (flame low and wide) or with guillotine (to cut cigar end).</p> <p>For lighting up <a href="http://cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> turbo-lighters are also used. Thanks to their perfect individual properties, cigar can be lighted up very fast. As gas is delivered in it under high pressure what makes flame even during bad weather conditions steady. But quickness of lighting up may be also considered as disadvantage as it is not customary to light up cigar on-the-run, moreover in the rain or wind. The main difference of the lighter for pipe from others is that flame is delivered in it on the side.</p>