<p><b>How to choose a lighter? Part 3</b></p> <p>Universal lighters</p> <p>Universal lighter helps lighting up in country house fireplace or fire on picnic.</p> <p>With help of it will be also comfortable to light up highly located candles. If you have a gas fryer in your apartment, to turn on gas ring is comfortable and safety with manual lighter. Besides, universal lighter looks very attractively and will beautify your kitchen. However, it is impossible to deny opportunity of the most traditional way for using this lighter - to light up cigarette if there is no usual lighter or matches at hand!</p> <p>Color and covering of the lighter</p> <p>Now prevail namely the following tones: gold, silver, brown, black, blue, copper, red, green, gray, and yellow, chrome, white and other.</p> <p>Also are popular lighter with matt covering. In whole, for 95 % consist of zinc alloy with various admixtures. The body is covered with various non-toxic varnishes and paints. Big part of manufacturing technologies is secret and belongs only to manufacturers.</p> <p>Are met lighters with additional covering on the body: with rhodium, palladium, plastic, metal, gilding, polishing and silvering.</p> <p>Also external side is adorned with logo, emblem, image and even Venetian pattern, Swarovski crystals and portrait of the manufacturing company founder, what, undoubtedly is reflected on the lighter's price.</p>