<p><b>How to choose a lighter? Part 4</b></p> <p>Choosing a lighter</p> <p>When choosing a lighter, be sure to pay attention to aesthetics, appearance, quality and surface evenness. The surface shouldn't have any rough edges and scratches. Lighter should be packed in special sleeve or box. Also the label with manufacturer name, product life and operation details should be enclosed.</p> <p>If petrol lighter is made qualitative and you use it properly, it will serve you for long time and will not disappoint the owner. The disadvantage is that petrol lighter of really high quality is quite expensive. One more disadvantage is petrol smell that not everyone likes; however, it permanently accompanies lighting up process. Such lighter often needs refill. Setting off on a journey, you should remember to take a bottle with petrol with you.</p> <p>The most qualitative lighters are those that have surface with rhodium or palladium. These lighters are more scratch-resistant. Be sure to pay attention on the quality of details joining as these mechanisms are highly inflammable and have flammable compositions. There shouldn't be any spacing among elements. Otherwise gas will escape immediately but petrol will evaporate quickly. Choosing lighters as a gift you should take into consideration preferences of the person for whom you buy this present. Reliable person will not be glad to get a lighter with funny image as a gift, but a real rocker - an elegant lighter-trinket with crystals. You may order engraving on the lighter's body - monogram or drawing, Company logo or your motto. Big, easy-to-use desk lighter will not get lost and will always be at hand. Original idea to adorn with desk lighter smoking room will pleasantly surprise your guests and friends. If you are still hesitating which present to make to your colleague or boss, the best decision will be buying desk lighter!</p> <p>Caution. Lighters, petrol from which evaporates quickly are not good for use as it attests defect or unnoticeable crack. It is necessary to avoid contact with moisture and any dirt or dust. It is better not to touch turbine or spreader so that lighter will not break.</p>