To this conclusion came American specialists carrying out sociological investigations. The reason is that menthol cigarette is more pleasant than ordinary one. Besides it, taking into account a couple of characters, menthol holds back derivation of nicotine from organism for longer period of time than when smoking an ordinary cigarette. So <a href="">menthol cigarettes</a> undertakes longer feeling of exhilaration. As a result, develops strong smoking habit. <p> Thus, as scientists consider, menthol decreases possibility of long smoking withdrawal and practically renders null to kick the habit. In case when volitive people refuse smoking habit , they are exposed very strong intoxication. <p> There was a survey among 808 women and 727 men and its result was that 69 percent of smokers who smoked menthol cigarettes in 1985, could not quit smoking till 2000. In the same time among those who smoked non-menthol cigarettes, this percent is 54. <p> Investigations did not discovered that smoking menthol cigarettes harms more than ordinary cigarettes.