<p><b>Scientists have tested electronic cigarettes on people</b></p> <p>Research made by New Zealand scientists has shown that electronic cigarettes help quitting smoking with the same effectiveness as nicotine patch. But they help reducing smoking hankering more effectively than nicotine patch.</p> <p>Group of scientists from Auckland University (New Zealand) has led clinical trials in order to compare effectiveness of electronic cigarettes and nicotine patch. Through announcement in newspapers have been gathered 657 volunteers for their participation in the trials.</p> <p>According to the research conditions, 292 people had to use electronic cigarettes with 16 mg of nicotine, other 292 have used nicotine patch during the same period and 73 people have entered placebo group: they were given electronic cigarettes without nicotine.</p> <p><a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>Cigarettes</b></a> and patches that have been given to volunteers should be enough for 13 weeks after what research has continued 13 weeks more.</p> <p>Research results that have been published in medical magazine The Lancet have shown that in 13 weeks from research beginning in total 5.7 % of participants have refused smoking at all for entire remained period. At the same time more people that have refused smoking were in the group that has used electronic cigarettes - 7.3 %. In the group that has used nicotine patch such refused people were 5.8 %. In placebo group this per cent has made 4.1.</p> <p>Scientists have also marked that among volunteers that have used electronic cigarettes and haven't refused smoking in full is much higher per cent of those who began to smoke significantly less. So, 57 % of participants that have used electronic cigarettes have reduced everyday norm, at least, by half. In the group that has used patches this index makes 40 %.</p> <p>Commenting research results, New Zealand scientists headed by Director of Auckland National University of innovation in healthcare professor Chris Bollen have marked that electronic cigarette have potential to become effective and popular way to quit smoking. However, scientists have marked that "taking into consideration growing popularity of these devices in many countries of the world and also uncertainty of regulating their use, it is important to make bigger and longer researches."</p>