<p><b>Tobacco for pipe and cigarettes. What is the difference?</b></p> <p>The person who is telling that pipe and cigarette are almost the same is not right. It is not truth at all. Pipe and cigarette differ as beer and wine. Smoking a cigarette, person, most often, satisfies nicotine necessity but when smoking pipe - he takes pleasure of tasty smoke of natural tobacco.</p> <p>Pipe smoking is a slow, leisurely, subtle, calm and pleasant occupation.</p> <p>Not only tobacco sort is important for devotees of such smoking method but the pipe itself as well.</p> <p>Tobacco for <b>cigarettes</b> and pipes also differs. For pipe tobacco are used pressed and cut leafs that are exposed to minimal treatment for fermentation than is obtained tobacco mixture that, basing on where was the tobacco grown, how was it gathered and in which proportion added, form the sort.</p> <p>For <b>cigarettes</b> is also used tobacco, but more often in homogenized form. What does it mean?</p> <p>Cigarette papers are filled with tobacco dust. It is very profitable to use such surrogate because not only the price is reduced but also are simplified storage requirements. Moreover, it becomes possible to organize launch of huge issues and the flavor of such <b>cigarettes</b> will be the same as compared to pipe tobacco as it depends also on the place of primary product growing and the climate of the year the harvest was gathered.</p> <p>It doesn't mean that "rests" remain for <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>. Conscientious manufacturers produce <b>cigarettes</b> made of expensive qualitative tobacco but they are many times more expensive than homogenized.</p> <p><b>Cigarettes</b> are more popular among smokers as they are more practical because not always it is possible to light up a pipe, falling into philosophical meditations. <b>Cigarettes</b> on the contrary is compact at any second it can be distinguished without feeling sorry (as in case of the pipe) about interrupted long process.</p> <p>Undoubtedly, both smoking pipes and <b>cigarettes</b> have devotees. And, they can smoke both of them. When thinking about smoking pipe, almost everyone imagines one picture: fireplace, rocking chair, plaid, subdued lighting and dense clouds of smoke. It is more for philosophical natures. In the meanwhile <b>cigarettes</b> remain sales leaders. Often smokers buy cigarette wholesale. It turns out more practical and cheaper what will be impossible with smoking pipe.</p>