<p><b>Smoking control: "bidi" cigarettes were declared in USA outside the law</b></p> <p>American admirers of "non-traditional" tobacco products have received a telling blow the other day: local Ministry of Health has prohibited import and sale of four sorts of so-called "bidi" at once, flavored <b>cigarettes</b> from Asian tobacco popular in India.</p> <p>Population of Indian diaspora in USA is approaching to three million people and to this number should be added some more millions of expatriates from India neighboring countries. Number of American smokers that were suddenly deprived of usual cigarette brand is estimated at least in one million.</p> <p>A lot of "bidi" admires are also among white Americans who like strong and flavored tobacco of these <b>cigarettes</b> that are always made manually by Indian women.</p> <p>"Bidi", though it is common to relate to class of <b>cigarettes</b>, but as to the manufacturing technology they are most likely small <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> that consist of cut tobacco rolled in the leafs of tendu tree (black Coromandel tree).</p> <p>Mix of burning tobacco and tendu leafs gives to the "bidi" smoke unique aroma and original flavor. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in USA has recently found in "bidi" combustion products increased content of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Promptly has followed ban on sale of 4 sorts of "bidi", including brands that contain menthol and other flavored additives.</p> <p>In USA "bidi" smoke about 2% of University students and 1.7% of High school students.</p> <p>At present moment in USA permanent consumers of tobacco products of all types are 18% of country residents.</p>