<p><b>Overdose without scent. Part 1</b></p> <p>How electronic cigarette influence health?</p> <p>Let's talk about advantages and disadvantaged of electronic cigarettes. They are really less harmful than usual <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> but how much - specialists haven't determined as of yet because of lack of time. Many smokers switch to them partially or fully and motivations are different.</p> <p>Electronic cigarettes have been invented in 2003 but in 2004 Hong Kong Company Ruyan Group Ltd has patented the principle of their work and technology. Instead of tobacco electronic cigarette has cartridge with nicotine-containing liquid. It is vaporized with the help of ultrasonic atomizer and at the same time is formed steam, as compared to tobacco smoke, without any scent.</p> <p>Quite a lot of smokers switch to electronic devices because it is comfortable: you may smoke in any place, whether in the office or in the plane. You don't need any ashtrays. Besides, people are sure that electronic cigarettes are less harmful.</p> <p>Tobacco smoke except vegetable alkaloids (nicotine and harmine) contains about 4000 of chemical compounds from which approximately one hundred are toxic. However, electronic cigarettes, as a rule, contain nicotine and it is the main component that has addicting property.</p> <p>On the other part in small doses nicotine is psycho stimulant.</p>