<p><b>Overdose without scent. Part 2</b></p> <p>There are some research results that show some positive effects of nicotine on brain (but not smoking). Nicotine in clear form withstands some brain disorders - for example, Parkinson, Alzheimer diseases. There are also data that nicotine heightens cognitive functions - memory and attention.</p> <p>Anyways, electronic cigarettes with nicotine will not help to get rid of nicotine dependence.</p> <p>There is also opinion that after switching to electronic cigarettes smoker will consume even more nicotine as subjective perceptions are weaker and smoker he can unwittingly increase the dose and reach the overdose.</p> <p>For once time is possible to consume nicotine quantity equal to 2-3 usual <a href="http://www.cigarettes-smoke.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>. Though, from the other side it is possible to choose brands with less nicotine content or without nicotine at all.</p> <p>The main thing is that there are no data about effect of electronic cigarettes on human body just because from the moment of their invention have passed not enough time.</p> <p>There are also other researches results of which recently have been announced by American scientists from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. They have studied what is named tertiary smoking.</p> <p>The point is about the fact that during smoking, nicotine and other components of tobacco smoke are accumulated on the room's walls and objects and then may harm people around.</p> <p>For researching this question scientists have evaporated content of electronic cigarettes on three brands in special camera and than have measured nicotine content on the walls, ceiling and the surface of the objects. In three of four experiments they have found significant increase of nicotine marks, especially on the floor and on windows.</p> <p>Potentially it may harm health of people that are in the room; however, objectively this harm wasn't researched by anyone.</p>