<p><b>XVI Cigar Festival in Cuban capital. Part 1</b></p> <p>Pungent smoke fills the room, shades the light and penetrates clothes and skin with tobacco smoke.</p> <p>More than 450 cigar lovers have participated in unusual XVI cigar festival that took place in Havana on Cuba. In smokers' contest wins the person that obtains the longest cigar consisted of ash. Women have also participated in this contest.</p> <p>Manufacturing of Cuban cigars in 2013 brings 8 % of total economic income into the treasury of island state what makes 447 million USD. Havana's Convention Palace has gathered a lot of cigar admirers who felt themselves quite happy being in dense smoke.</p> <p>Participants exhale smoke clouds very slowly and carefully trying not to move their cigars in order to keep grey ash intact so that it wouldn't crumble accidentally.</p> <p>Some competitors who smoked cigars H. Upmann Sir Winston managed to obtain 17.7 cm of ash.</p> <p>"I love this Festival" - sommelier from Argentina Flavio Lanfredi said, despite the fact that he has lost at the very beginning of competition. "I feel like I child that has visited toyshop. It is really fascinating".</p> <p>Freely and relaxed taking seat in luxurious leather armchairs among many ashtrays, lighters and chocolate with caramel flavor people feel like being under mellow, thanks to Cuban rum as well.</p> <p>After an hour and a half remained only few happy finalists. Umpires go through hall giving rulers for measuring results.</p>