<p><b>Cigarettes separately of medicines</b></p> <p>General attorneys of 28 US states have directed to five biggest retailers of the country letters with request to stop sales of tobacco products in the shops where pharmacies are.</p> <p>The Wall Street Journal informs about it. Attorneys of the states and territories among which are New York, Ohio, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Rod Island, Puerto Rico, Guam and other have directed such letters to the management of Wal-Mart Stores, Walgreen, Rite Aid, Safeway and Kroger. "Contradiction appears when tobacco products are located on the shelves of retail network that provides healthcare services" - The New York Times quotes the officers' letter. Stopping sale of <b>cigarettes</b>, as letter authors consider, actually will return the branch to the times when tobacco manufacturers were not able to declare in their advertisement "that doctors smoke Camel more than other <a href="http://www.cigarettes-smoke.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a>", writes the newspaper.</p> <p>Attorneys have offered retail networks to follow example of CVS Caremark Company. CVS in February has declared that to October they will refuse business of selling <b>cigarettes</b> in their 7600 shops that brought them about 2 billion USD a year out of 123 billion of total earnings. Company intends to change focus from total retail sales first of all to sales of medical preparations.</p> <p>Pharmacies in USA that sell almost everything - from prescription medicines to beer are one of the main channels for selling tobacco products. Walgreens the biggest pharmacy network in USA has earlier informed to Financial Times newspaper that it continues to estimate possibilities of selling <b>cigarettes</b>. Tobacco Companies including manufacturers Marlboro - Altria - and Imperial Tobacco, have declared that retailers have right to decide on their own to sell tobacco or not.</p> <p>In attorneys' letters are not mentioned any possible legislative consequences for shops that will not refuse sale of <b>cigarettes</b>, writes The New York Times. But according to the words of newspaper's source, if networks will not go for it voluntarily the next step may be changes of branch regulations or legal proceedings.</p> <p>In some USA cities, for example in Boston and San Francisco sale of <b>cigarettes</b> in pharmacies are already prohibited.</p>