<p><b>Smoking in the cars with children inside is offered to be prohibited in Latvia</b></p> <p>Member of conservative fraction in the Saeima, former basketball player Sergejus Jovaisa offers to prohibit smoking in the cars if there are children inside.</p> <p>Deputy has also registered legislative amendments for increasing penalties for smoking in prohibited places. According to the project, smoking in the places where it is prohibited by law or by decision of municipality, will be punished with penalty of 50-200 lit. At present moment penalty is 20-50 lit.</p> <p>S. Jovaisa marks that smoking in private cars at present moment is not limited and it harms smokers' children.</p> <p>It also gives data of World Health Organization about passive smoking. "One third part of passive smokers are children that are forced to breathe tobacco smoke that their smoking parents breathe out." - affirms parliamentarian.</p> <p>According to the data of Saeima analytical department, restrictions on smoking in the cars if there are children inside is legalized in Australia, in six USA states, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, on major part of Canada territory, in South Africa, Cyprus and Mauritius, but from September 2014 - in Great Britain. Such ban is planned to be introduced in Ireland and France.</p> <p>At present moment law prohibits smoking in all educational, medical institutions and on their territory, on working places if it is located in the closed room, in other places of public use, in all types of public transport, restaurants, coffee bars and other caterings, in night and disco clubs, PC cafe, casino, other entertainment places and also in the buildings were are held sport competitions and other events, in other premises served by people.</p>