<p><b>Scientists have found out that electronic cigarettes don't help to quit smoking</b></p> <p>Scientists, after making scaled research in which participated eighty eight people, came to conclusion that electronic cigarettes don't help in smoking control, in spite of the fact that for some time they have been considered safer alternative to usual tobacco. According to interrogation made by sociologists, people consider electronic cigarettes easy and fast method of smoking control.</p> <p>But scientists came to conclusion that electronic cigarettes don't reduce nicotine quantity that enters smoker's body. At the same time the same research has shown that of electronic cigarettes' safety are sure mainly people without university education.</p> <p>One more circumstance that causes doctors' concern is fact that electronic <a href="http://www.cigarettes-smoke.net">cigarettes</a> are not classified as medical devices that is why they cannot be regulated as other nicotine substitutes.</p> <p>Now it is planned wider examination of the question in order to finally confirm results.</p> <p>First time electronic cigarette was shown in China in 2004. The inventor of electronic cigarette is Hon Lik. His father died of diseases caused by smoking. It is quite possible that namely this fact has prompted the Chinese to invent safer method of nicotine necessity satisfaction. The attempt appeared to be quite profitable as now Hon Lik is the owner of many-million Empire.</p> <p>In May 2009 American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published results of research during which have been studied nineteen types of cartridges for electronic cigarettes from two manufacturers. As result in these cartridges was found known carcinogen - tobacco-specific nitrosamine but in one of the cartridges even was found diethylene glycol. Research has shown that in many cases is shown discrepancy of nominal and real nicotine content and also presence of nicotine in cartridges that have been advertised as those that don't contain nicotine.</p> <p>In July 2009 FDA has published press release in which it urged to refuse use of electronic cigarettes. Also FDA insists on inadmissibility of selling electronic cigarettes to minors.</p> <p>In case of electronic cigarettes it is difficult to control level of nicotine consumption. There is chance of constant unconscientious increase of its consumption.</p>