<p><b>Scientists: cigarettes prevent from taking pleasure of coffee</b></p> <p>Toxic chemical substances in tobacco are able to influence negatively regeneration of taste buds. As result smokers are not able to estimate adequately taste of coffee bitterness, new research has shown.</p> <p>According to researchers' data, chemical substances that are present in tobacco cause structural changes in fungi-form papilla located on the tongue.</p> <p>In order to find out how <a href="http://www.cigarettes-smoke.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> influence the system of tastes recognition, scientists have made experiment with participation of 41 volunteers. People were divided into three groups (smokers, former smokers and people who have never smoked) and they offered them to estimate intensity of four main tastes - sweet, sour, bitter and salt.</p> <p>It appeared that smoking has affected only ability to recognize bitterness.</p> <p>It is marked that, as a rule, person may recognize bitterness even in low concentrations.</p> <p>However, as conclusions shown, about 20% of smokers were not able to recognize the taste correctly. From former smokers they were 26.5% but from part of no-smokers - 13.4 % of people.</p> <p>According to the words of scientists tobacco compounds are accumulated in the body and interfere in restoration of tastes recognition system even after people have quit smoking.</p>