<p><b>Smoking and overeating: applications for bad habits control</b></p> <p>There are a lot of various habits in the world, among which tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption and overeating. People often think about how to become free and healthy and start running mornings.</p> <p>It appears that to fight a bad habit may help mobile application.</p> <p>In USA has recently appeared application A-CHASS that help to get rid of alcohol dependence. Once the owner approaches to a pub the phone starts giving alarm signal. Except this the smart phone regularly gets mailing about harm of alcohol and also form with questions for alcohol addicted person. If answers cause concern, application informs the doctor automatically.</p> <p>If person decided to quit smoking, applications that contain information about smoking harm and also that tell about advantages of healthy lifestyle help him. So, mobile gadget named "Quit smoking" contains information about more than 70 diseases on appearance of which may influence tobacco smoking.</p> <p>It has "Smoker's calculator" that calculates number of smoked <a href="http://www.cigarettes-smoke.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> during the day, dosage of harmful substances that have been consumed, pictures about smoking harm and also are given methods and advices for those who want to quit smoking.</p> <p>For those who love eating a lot there are also special mobile applications that help to restrict excessive food consumption. Free application Binge Eating Disorder informs how to get rid of gluttony.</p> <p>Application installed on smart phone will inform about harm of overeating and give advises which steps person may take in order to eat less.</p> <p>By the way, if overeater decided to overcome big appetite and he has some food in the fridge, for him another assistant was created that allows sharing the food with others.</p> <p>One American Dan Newman once was seating with his friend in cafe-bar and couldn't make himself eat up pizza. That time he decided to create application LeftoverSwappe that allows sharing food debris with strange people.</p> <p>For unfinished food may be stipulated own price, however developer hopes that many people will share food free of charge.</p> <p>Among people there is one more bad habit - excessive coffee drinking.</p> <p>Many lovers of this eye opening beverage may oppose: "How is coffee harmful? I drink it every day and feel perfect!" How to explain that a lot of coffee is harmful? For this purpose "Stop drinking coffee" application was developed. This application calculates number of drunken cups. Gadget has simple interface that shows with the help of "smiles" persons' facial expression after next cup of coffee that was drunk.</p> <p>If person after all has decided to quit smoking, drink alcohol and a lot of coffee, and overeat when it's nearly dark, as a rule appears idea to cultivate abilities. For those who want to change their lifestyle there is application Hab it! that allows registering own achievements.</p>