<p><b>Some smokers will not refuse cigarette even for money</b></p> <p>Scientists with the help of MRT-scanner have found out that by no means all people to quit smoking.</p> Researchers of Pennsylvania University have carried out experiment that helped to understand what may make people refuse smoking.</p> <p>In experiment participated volunteers that during the last years have smoked per 10 <b>cigarettes</b> a day. Participants were asked not to smoke during 12 hours before tests and then people were checked on MRT-scanner. Being inside the scanner they were guessing the cards. By the way, people were warned that they will be able to smoke only in 2 hours after the end of tests. But soon they were told that a mistake took place and have offered them <a href="http://www.cigarettes-smoke.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>. At the same time they were offered to refrain from smoking and were promised to receive money instead.</p> <p>So, during the research people got opportunity to earn 10 USD but many of them couldn't sustain and refused the reward. They appeared to have weak reactions of limbic system on reward.</p>