<p><b>San Diego resident was attacked with knife for smoking on the beach</b></p> <p>It is worth to mention that smoking on major part of beaches within the San Diego city was prohibited back in July 2006, however ban is often violated.</p> <p>54 years old San Diego resident (California State) became victim of attack from part of a stranger for smoking in city recreation area, informs web-site of NBS 7 San Diego channel with reference to city Police Department.</p> <p>Pursuant police report, about 10:30 am, 54 years old city resident was suddenly attacked by 70 years old Terrence Alfonso Bijan on the city beach Mission Beach. The reason was cigarette that woman has lighted up. The man has gripped the victim and held a knife to her neck.</p> <p>Began a strife and woman has managed to escape, however Bijan has managed to hurt woman in heart area. The victim escaped with scratches on her throat and incised wound on the chest. She was provided medical assistance at the scene. Assailant was arrested and received into prison on the charge of attempted murder without right for being released on bail.</p>