<p><b>In Britain man died because of electronic cigarette</b></p> <p>In Great Britain a man died, charging his electronic cigarette. Gadget's victim became 62 years old David Thompson. Device has blown up and oxygen concentrator that man used has took fire as well.</p> <p>Accident took place in Merseyside County. Burned body of 62 years old David Thomson was found in the sitting room of the house. To the moment of fire brigade arrival fire in the bedroom has been already extinguished.</p> <p>Exact cause of the man's death should still be determined, but police considers that the fire was caused by low-quality charging device. "It seems that the charger that was used wasn't the device that was attached to electronic cigarette" - representative of local fire service Myles Platt told.</p> <p>Since January 2014 only in Merseyside were recorded nine fires because of electronic cigarettes.</p>