<p><b>Electronic cigarettes are above the law</b></p> <p>It would be useful both for entrepreneurs and consumers if essence of electronic cigarettes would be specifically determined and registered in legislation.</p> <p>As at present moment there is no agreement among the countries regarding what namely is considered electronic cigarettes, Estonia and other European countries don't have position about their taxation.</p> <p>As the matter is about subject that implies coordination of the opinions on European level, unfortunately, Estonia is not able to put everything into perspective in one go.</p> <p>On the one hand present complex situation is useful for entrepreneurs. Legal regulations are not enough and as a matter of fact should be possibility to hook big fish in troubled waters. It is impossible to condemn for commercial success those who can take advantage of this situation. Most likely, they should be praised. However, on the other hand entrepreneurs are anxious. The less regulations, laws and prior framework agreements the more low quality goods at low price are on the market. Estonian consumer, as it is known is sensitive to price difference. Not every person wonders what he gets in realty paying less price and isn't he paying in fact with his health.</p> <p>Electronic cigarette is not a loaf of bread or pack of milk. If electronic cigarettes and the liquid that fills it costs on the market less than it was spent on its production, it means that consumer harms his health that he can hardly estimate. It is the 2nd strong argument for speedy agreement achievement.</p>