<p><b>Electronic cigarettes are above the law. Part 2</b></p> <p>In Estonia is allowed selling of relatively non concentrated liquids for filling electronic cigarettes. For selling stronger liquids is necessary to get permission of Medicine department; but getting this permission is a long process that, essentially could cause relocation if electronic cigarettes business to pharmacies. In long-term perspective it is not very good for entrepreneurs as in other European countries there is no such order.</p> <p>The most common scenario is after all qualification of electronic cigarettes as substitution of usual cigarette that offer equal and comparable taxation.</p> <p>Taxation, however, implies agreement of how the imposed product should look like. And with this regard Estonia is waiting for instructions from Europe.</p> <p>However, European Union is not the best example of fast decisions' taking.</p> <p>However amount of taxes about which is being discussed on European level, are quite high and the process of taking decisions is under strong lobby pressure. But in small Estonia because of electronic cigarettes wasn't bought 1 million 300 thousands usual <a href="http://cigarettes-smoke.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> because of this budget incomes have reduced by 3 million euro.</p>