<h3>Electronic cigarette </h3> <p>Nicotine containing in cigarettes does not represent danger for the health. The main danger is tar, carcinogen, neurotoxins and other poison combinations containing in cigarette smoke. If we can deliver nicotine to smoker’s organism with alternative manner which will not influence on his stereotype of behavior while smoking – this will help to save health to most smokers. Exactly so works electronic cigarette from Hong-Kong manufacturer “Golden Gragon”. <p>Electronic cigarette is cigarette-shaped, works from battery and supplies nicotine with the help of built-in inhalator. Inhalation process is identical to smoking process. But instead of nicotine smoke smoker inhales the drops of harmless water steam. <p>It seems to you that you are holding and smoking a cigarette. Process looks like the same but the consequences are different. <p>This cigarette costs about 208 USD per piece and is being sold in China, Israel, Turkey and USA. <p>Rather this electronic cigarette may compete with ordinary nicotine chewing gum or inhalators – experience shows that for smoker is important not the very nicotine but the manner it comes upon organism. <p>Financial results of the second year sells: the quantity of sells in 2006 doubled in comparison to 2005. China has 400 million of smokers providing 160billion income in USD for tobacco manufacturers. “Golden Dragon” made a research and found out that about 10% of smokers really wish to quit and only 2% of them achieve success. It means that “Golden Dragon” has financial chances indeed and it means that smokes can obtain electronic cigarette and harm less to their health. <p> <center> <img src="http://boti.ru/files/images/s-9dbd77597fd7b63d5244638c1b39c279_003fhdeh.jpg"> </center>