<p><b>Italy: how much is smoking on the beach</b></p> <p>For tourist that was on holiday in Sardinian city Alghero usual cigarette became the most expensive in her life when Dane has butt it out of the public beach's sand and local policeman has noticed this.</p> <p>Finding out about the penalty, foreigner has tried to protest that she was going to throw the butt into the garbage can but a little later. However, she had to apologize for laziness and to pay six hundred euro, "Rai News" informs.</p> <p>Alghero authorities in August have habituated with police inspections on local beaches while penalties for inaccuracy with garbage have to pay those who have made a mess in any public place of the city. Cigarette butts are considered especially dangerous garbage as for their utilization nature spends up to 200 years.</p> <p>As to the other sanctions that threaten tourists in Italy, on Sicily for stealing white stones from famous Turkish steps (a rock in Realmonte) now is charged penalty in amount of 500 euro.</p>