<h3>Rooks are fighting against parasites with the help of cigarettes </h3> <p> Rooks living near English railway station invdented very interesting method for fighting with parasites. They hold up their wings for cigarette smoke and gather butts which passengers threw out. <p> Exeter suburb dwellers observed that rooks living near the railroad station hold their wings toward cigarette smoke. Engine driver Jeff Jones tells that one day he seen a hillarious situation when birds behaved strange. When a young man threw out cigarette butt, some rooks flied together near it and began to fight for this butt between them. <p> When one bird managed to catch the butt, it began flying with this butt, then it sat somewhere with the burning cigarette and began to stretch its wings toward this burning butt. <p> So birds invented new method to be healthy. <p><center> <img src="http://website.lineone.net/~ssleightholm/dict/glossary/rook.jpg">