<h3>How to reduce hazardous effect of smoking </h3> <p>If you are inveterate smoker and you are not going to give up, here are some advices how to minimize health hazard from your habit. <p> 1. Not to smoke on an empty stomach. The best is to smoke after hearty meal. If you accustomed to smoke after awakening, put the glass of acidulous water and cookies near your bed. <p> 2. Improve peripheric blood supply. You should take a cold shower in the morning. Much better to rub hands and feet with bast whisp. These procedures have to be done every morning before the first cigarette. <p> 3. Breath fresh air. Go asleep in a cool room, try not to smoke in bedroom. Try to avoid smoked places. 4. Go for a walk. It supports the work of lungs. Itís better to go fast and breath clear air. <p> 5. Try not to smoke on the move. Not to smoke during running or fast walk. Not to smoke during frosty weather. Such smoking causes more harm and less pleasure. <p> 6. Brush teeth before going asleep. (after the last cigarette) <p> 7. Smoke one brand of cigarette. <p> 8. Make up the shortage of Vitamin C. Eat citrus, cauliflower, tomatoes or take vitamins. Smoker needs vitamin C. Itís important to follow this rule during epidemic influenza in off-season: itís harder to cure flu and cough for smokers. <p> <b>Place for smoking. </b><p> The choice of smoking place depends on the quantity of smoked cigarettes and the pleasure from smoking. Itís better to single out the place for smoking.