<h3>Englishman found the way to outwit the law for the possibility to smoke </h3> <p>The owner of the English pub found the way to outwit the new law about smoking ban in public places on the territory of Great Britain. Soon, his pub will be awarded the status of the embassy of the small island in the Caribbean Sea and consequently it will become the only one British bar, where visitors will be free for smoking. <p>Bob Beach, the owner of Wellington Arms pub in Southampton, has already agreed with 72-year-old cardinal of the Redonda Island Edward Elder that he will cooperate in awarding the status of Island s representatives to its regent; 60-year-old kind Robert Bold. According to Beach Edward Elder often drops in to drink some glasses of beer during his visits to Great Britain. <p>The territory of almost uninhabited Redonda Island, which is situated at a distance of 60 km from Antigua, is only 1,6 km2. However, it is of no importance for Mr.Beach, who needs only one: smoking will be allowed at the foreign territory, and prices for beverages will be lower in the absence of tax. <p>I have the team of professionals, who know about the law, so, I am sure that everything will be fine. Soon, we shall mandate to the queen and will see, says the pub s owner. Beach s initiative was supported by representatives of the British Ministry of Health. They confirmed that smoking ban is not applied to the diplomatic institutions. <p><center><img src="http://www.theage.com.au/ffxImage/urlpicture_id_1075570288486_2004/02/01/2n_smoke,0.jpg">