<h3>Cigars </h3> <p>Nobody knows exactly when cigars appeared. Something resembling modern cigar occurred in period of Maya, and then in epoch of Caribbean aborigines. The companions of Columbus met him during his first expedition in 1492. Tobacco appeared in Europe together with Spanish conquistadors. <p>The first industrial cigar manufacture was established only at the beginning of 18th century in Seville. Cigars were spreading all around the world in different ways, sometimes it happened during wars. <p>Trying to subdue obstinate Cuba, Kennedy signed embargo on trade with this country. And since that time, Americans dont have rights to sell and to buy Havanas which were so popular there; statistics of nowadays cigar boom in USA is carried on taking into account import from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua… <p>By the present century cigars became popular in USA and England, Germany and Holland… During those times, cigars were rolled even in Russia, and the amounts of manufacturing were estimated at milliards of items. One of the most prestigious cigars brand has the name of the tsarist Russia emigrant Davidoff. <p>The cigar-lovers were psychiatrist Zygmund Freud, writer Mark Twain, gangster Al Capone, inventor Thomas Edison. <p>At all times cigar serves for pleasure, image and habit. <p>Today, again after the long absence, cigars come back to us rather as a sign than day to day thing. Now it is not so much pleasure, as the way to show off. The culture of cigars is not developed yet. It is necessary to explain that there is no need to inhale cigar smoke. Meanwhile, for the experts it is an elegant conclusion after the rich meal. It is one of those pleasant Cs as coffee and cognac. <p><center><img src="http://www.wright-photo.com/BurmaImages/124Inle-Cigar.jpg">