<h3>Younger brother</h3> <p>It is not hard to imagine competitors reaction on launching one more new brand however they will have to make a room. Wings by Winston from JTI has all the necessary qualities to make their mark.<p> Firstly, elder brother of this novelty, Winston brand is a leader of the upper part of the given segment and its reputation is able for the first period of time to drag Wings by Winston behind it. <p>Secondly, despite of observable difference in desing of these brands, they have something in common and average smoker will fell it. As to design, it is very modern and bright and it attracts attention. <p>And finally, the price attracts customers to this brand. Taking into account high quality, mild taste, and availability of 3 different tastes of Wings by Winston, the brand has a lot of chances to became very popular. There are 3 tastes of Wings by Winston: Filter (i.e. full flavor tar 12, nicotine 1,0 mg), Wings by Winston Lights(tar 8 nicotine 0,7 mg),Wings by Winston Superlights (tar 4 nicotine 0,4 mg) <p><center><img src="http://cigarettehouse.net/img_news/wings.jpg">