<h3>What cigarette can say about person</h3> <p> <table> <tr> <td><img src=http://www.cigarettehouse.net/img_news/black_white_smoking_girl.jpg></td> <td> Some information about the character of your colleague, you can pick up, watching him holding a cigarette. <p>If the cigarette is far from the palm of the smoker, it means that the person is delicate and sensitive. The smoker has a creative personality; he is guided by the language of senses and emotions, but not by mind and logic. Such person takes his colleagues on the surface, following the first glance, the first impression. Such person read people instinctively, i.e. in general with the help of nonverbal signals, and he is mistaken very seldom. The colleague, who holds his cigarette between forefinger and thumb, as if he hinds it in the palm, knows perfectly well what he wants from life and he is able to protect his interests. But this protection doesnít look like the force of the leader, the person, who used to order about. The matter concerns obstinacy, stubbornness, when person with persistence, day by day moves towards his lifelong aim. <p>Smoker, who holds cigarette between middle finger and forefinger close by the palm and brings the whole palm to the mouth during every inhaling, is introvert. And he is not just a simple introvert, but he is the person, who avoids any strong feelings and emotions. He canít show coldness, detachment and even cynicism by his behavior, but the typical gesture during smoking gives him completely. This person has a vulnerable soul; he prefers to be alone, because most probably his bitter experience showed him: allowing somebody to approach his soul, he may suffer in future. <pre> </pre> </p> </td> </tr> </table>