<h3>If you want to smoke, just go for a walk</h3> <p>Moderate exercises, for instance, walk on foot, facilitates the symptoms of irresistible desire to smoke cigarette, which is felt by the people who want to quit smoking. If we find the remedy of similar action, it would be offer for sale immediately in order to help people, who decide not to smoke, according to the chief scientist Adrian Taylor, professor of health psychology from the University of Exeter. <p>Taylor and his colleagues generalized the data of 12 reports, in which they observed the connection between exercises and the organism privation of usual substances, contain in tobacco smoke. They were especially interested in exercises for which one should visit fitness center, walking and isometric exercises for muscles. <p>Scientists proposed volunteers to estimate their demand in cigarettes after doing some moderate exercises. And almost all the participants said about reduction of the desire to smoke. It allowed scientist to make the conclusion that exercises during some minutes is enough to subdue insistent need to take a cigarette. <p>Professor Robert West from the University of California notified that the duration of such effect is still unknown. He said that theoretically one can do physical exercises in order to overcome the desire, but it is steel unknown if it will help in long-term outlook. <p>To all appearances, in order to quit smoking once and for all, smokers will have to combine moderate exercises with other methods of treatment. <p>It is considered that physical exercise is the most powerful factor, which helps to subdue the desire to smoke. Professor Taylor proposed a theory, according to which physical exercise give way to dopamine (hormone of good spirits) which reduces nicotine addiction. <p>Nevertheless, experts have doubts about practical application of such research. He added that if people learn isometric exercises, which can be made sitting at their office, they probably will learn how to subdue the desire to take a cigarette. <p><center><img src=http://cigarettehouse.net/img_news/quit_smoking.jpg>