<h3>New style of Marlboro</h3> <p>Philip Morris International declared about the launch of the new version of Marlboro cigarettes, Marlboro Filter Plus for Russia and Ukraine. The main distinction of new cigarettes is the filter construction. It consists of four zones, one of which is filled with tobacco, which does not burn during smoking, but the flavor becomes richer. For the filling of this zone producers use Caterini tobacco, grown in Greece. One more distinction is the new construction of the pack with sliding top cover. <p>According to Andre Calantzopoulos, president of Philip Morris International, this novelty has to reinforce the positions of the main brand of the company in premium segment Marlboro due to the buyers, who used other cigarettes brands and who will switch over to the novelty. <p>Company considered the idea to create the new cigarette brand for such aims to be inexpedient, besides technological innovations did not lead to considerable changes of price. <p>It is really revolutionary technology, says Maxim Korolev, the chief editor of media group Russian Tobacco, the company managed to combine two different aims of cigarettes producers, which are of current importance, to reduce tar content, keeping the natural tobacco flavor and taste. But, it would not be easy to inform purchasers about the main point of the innovation. <p>Cigarette producers have tendency to say about their technological novelties, but often it is just a marketing technique, says Mr.Kovalev, This is the case that this technology, affecting changes in flavor, is realized. However, it is different task to get the novelty over smokers. <p>According to Frederick Stahl, advertising director of Philip Morris Sales and Marketing, interactive marketing, advertisement in Metro and magazines will be used as the basic channels of promotion. <p><center><img src=http://cigarettes-smoke.net/img_news/new%20style.jpg>