Limited Editions instead of restyling <p>Practically all the participants of tobacco market agreed in opinion, that in conditions of severe competitions and fashion among smokers on new and unique cigarette packs, brand restyling is necessary step. The only question is how often brands owners are going to fulfill restyling and how radically it is supposed to be. Maxim Korolev from Russian Tobacco claims that consumers are fastidious to the production and its pack, they get accustomed to the novelties on the market, and they are inclined to change their preferences.</p> <p>Producer has an opportunity to transform brands design for a short lived term without any anxiety to get negative reaction from conservative consumers, it is Limited Edition. One is able to buy Limited Edition cigarettes only in special tobacco stores and night clubs.</p> <p>Limited Editions is used sometimes as a polygon for new ideas. Thus, Philip Morris launched Marlboro Limited Edition with the name “Marlboro Club Collection” in unique pack, which looks like a cigarette case. From the one hand, special pack and Limited Edition offer something new and unusual for loyal cigarettes purchasers, and from another one, it attracts the attention of smokers who smoke cigarettes of brands competitors.</p> <center><img src=></center>