JT International assumed responsibility for smokers in airports <p>In the context of international program the company establishes stations for smoking in airports all over the world.</p> <p>At the beginning of September, the opening of 14 stations for smoking took place in the international airport of Kiev. Thus, Kiev joined the group of worlds airports in Frankfurt, Zurich, Athens, Moscow, Bali, Taipei, Casablanca and Dubai, where passengers are able to stop and to smoke before flight in pleasant and cozy atmosphere without necessity to come outside in order to find special places for smoking.</p> <p>According to the company, the conception of smoking stations is effective and innovational measure for the satisfaction of smokers needs in big places. Everybody has profited, airports, smokers, smoking rooms, and JTI Company itself.</p> <p>The program realization is fulfilled by the international department of JT International, which works with duty free. The first smoking hall was opened by the company in 2001 in Zurich, since that time, this idea has spread all over the world. Today, there are 90 smoking stations in Frankfurt, 8 stations in Athens, 24 stations in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.</p> <center><img src= http://i.usatoday.net/news/_photos/2007/05/08/smokingx.jpg></center>