Tennessee, USA. It is forbidden to purchase big lots of cigarettes in neighbor states <p>New rules of IRS came into force in Tennessee State. The new rules allowed the IRS officials to detain people, who buy big lots of cigarettes in neighbor states. Detained may be subjected to criminal prosecution, and the uncovered cigarettes will be confiscated.</p> <p>In Tennessee heavy tax on cigarettes sale are imposed: in July 2007 it increased from 20% to 62% for one cigarette pack. In all eight states, with which Tennessee borders on, taxes are lower, consequently, purchasing cigarettes there, one can save 45 cents on every pack. According to the laws in Tennessee, the import of more than 2 packs of cigarettes without tax payment is a state case, and the penalty is $500 plus six month imprisonment. In a case when there are more than two cigarette packs, penalty increases up to $3 000, the imprisonment mounts to six years.</p> <p>The tax service officers have already began to check stores, which sell cigarettes next to the Tennessee border in order to find out where state citizens purchase tobacco more often.</p> <p>The program opponents call the new methods as illegal interference in trade between states and a tactics of police nation; they also accuse tax officers of the attempt to reinforce their own authority under the pretext of struggle against smuggling.</p> <center><img src=http://blog.kievukraine.info/4523.jpg></center>