American woman asked for imprisonment to quit smoking <p>The official of Iowa police station was very surprised when Jodi Perkins called her with unexpected request to put her into prison for several days, because she wanted to quit smoking in jail. She was turned down and the woman resorted to more extreme methods.</p> <p>Woman told in one interview, that she smoked two packs per day and wanted to give up. She was ready to pay for her stay in prison. Neil Schulz, press secretary of Polk County prison and ex smoker, said that he understood such impulse. He also added that could not help that woman, because there were a lot of prisoners in the prison.</p> <p>Despairingly Perkins continued to struggle with smoking. She asked her sisters to chain her with handcuffs in the bath. They only had to bring her drinks and meal. At first they agreed but then changed their decision because in case of fire, woman would not have possibility to escape.</p> <p>Perkins also added that she had been trying to give up smoking cigarettes for seven years already. Humiliations, which American smokers are confronted with, became the reason for this step. Woman also said that she tore cigarette packs, but some time later she bought new cigarettes. New rules at her work in one credit organization forbid smoking in immediate proximity to the building. The woman said that there were 6 000 employees in the company, and there was a big parking in front of the building. As every person can smoke only in his own car, long way to the car during 20 degrees of frost may be very unpleasant.</p> <p>Because of her public appeal this case took another turn. Schulz, press secretary of Polk County, reported about the call from Mayo clinic in Minnesota, which practices human addictions, and the specialists of which knew about Perkins and were ready to help her.</p> <center><img src=></center>