Tobacco sorts <p>The choice of tobacco is very important thing for every aesthete smoker. The choice of tobacco in many respects depends on temperament and those situations when person smokes. In the morning it is better to choice smooth tobacco, in the evening after hard day you would better take stronger tobacco. Without knowing tobacco sorts and tobacco blending, it would be difficult to find appropriate tobacco for a smoker beginner.</p> <p>Virginia tobacco is mostly used all over the world. The color of this sort is light yellow, that is why such tobacco is called Golden Virginia or Light. There is also Dark Virginia tobacco. Light Virginia has tasty delicate flavor with high content of sugar. Virginia tobacco is grown in USA, Brazil, Africa, India and in Asia, including China.</p> <p>Burley is the second sort of tobacco from the tobacco chain. In the beginning, Burley originated from Kentucky, USA, where the greater part of this tobacco is produced to present day. Other areas of growing is Malawi and Mexico. Burley tobacco is without sugar. Tobacco leaves have yellow&#8208;green, golden&#8208;brown tints. The flavor is very smooth, tasty, a little bit chocolate. Latakia tobacco is grown only in Syria and Cyprus. The tobacco is very expensive. Latakia tobacco is very dark, almost black and it is one of the unique sorts when tobacco leaves along with caulis is used for producing. The taste is not strong, but the strength of aroma sometimes frightens smokers, who take aroma for tobacco strength.</p> <p>Perique is rare sort of tobacco, which is rather expensive. It grows in the little part of Louisiana state, USA. Tobacco gets such a specific taste in the process of fermentation under press without access of air, without any additions or preservatives from half a year to several years. This tobacco blend with other sorts gives perfect spicy taste of prune or fig.</p> <p>Orient tobacco differs from all other sorts in form and flavor. Leaves are small, it has yellow, green, golden brown color. Such tobacco is not very strong as a rule, the taste is sweetish.</p> <p>Choose your tobacco!</p> <center><img src=></center>