About cigarettes and women <p>Underdeveloped market of tobacco advertisement in Soviet Union led to almost chaste attitude of most women to cigarette smoking. Just now polls show a great number of women among smokers. Meanwhile in USA in the middle of 90ths the number of women among smokers passed the half. And the reason of this is specific advertisement. Cigarettes were presented to women as a way of emancipated behavior. Woman with cigarette was presented in advertisement as a free, modern, sexual business lady. Some cigarette brands related smoking to the method of weight loss.</p> <p>Since 20ths tobacco industry on the West began to use emancipation of women for promotion of its products. In 1925 in Chesterfield cigarettes advertisement woman said her men, who smoked a cigarette: Exhale in my direction! And some years later a smart owner of American Tobacco Company made the advertisement for women: Lucky in stead of chocolate, where the image of elegant woman of fashion was used. According to the American Medical Association magazine of 1994, cigarettes advertisement directed to women causes the considerable increase of smoking rate among teenagers. In 1967 the appearing of posts of three women cigarettes brands Virginia Slims, Silva Thins, Eve gave rise to rapid spreading of smoking among young girls at the age of 11&#8208;17. During six years rate of smokers growth among men and women older than 18 has not changed.</p> <center><img src=http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs15/300W/i/2007/101/7/5/Smoke_by_sozesoze.jpg></center>