Lucky Strike <p>The history of Lucky Strike cigarettes was always connected to the development of society. Thus, in 30ths of XX century Lucky Strike showed its solidarity to women in the period of emancipation. Being the 'concealed' consumers of goods, which were taken as products for men, women went into the streets with lighted Lucky Strike cigarettes. Exactly in this way women decided to prove and to return their equality towards men. Later, Lucky Strike contributed its mite to fashion, the green color of Lucky Strike pack became the fashionable color for women.</p> <p>Lucky Strike cigarettes were along with brave soldiers during the Second World War. Being very popular among soldiers, Lucky Strike cigarettes were used as a valuable change, while real money was losing their value. After the war, Lucky Strike changed the color of the pack from green to white, symbolizing the beginning of new life.</p> <p>Lucky Strike is original in everything, in flavor, in design. Today, Lucky Strike is still along with its consumers and these cigarettes invite us to become the witnesses of their new expression of originality. Round forms are around. Stop, watch, notice them. They surround you, they pulsate and provoke!</p> <center><img src=></center>