Anti smoking campaign in USA is expanded <p>The information about active fight against smoking in public places in USA is known for a long period of time. But the field of battle against smoking cigarettes is being expanded, stretching there, where person is free to do anything he wants as it may seem. In some American cities activists of people from separate condominiums want to forbid smoking to their neighbors in their own apartments.</p> <p>As New&#8208;York times reported in some cities of California and Michigan there are apartment houses, the inhabitants of which are forbade to smoke cigarettes in their apartments. The activists of anti tobacco fight, who won a victory there, claim, that smoke from neighbor apartments spoil corridors and halls. Despite stormy opposition of smokers, activists managed to seek the revision of condominium regulation. Now in this house people are not able to smoke. It is indicative that this experience is adopted by other states. According to the official data in trials the number of suits the main demand of which is admission of condominium as anti tobacco territory, increased.</p> <p>There are no limits of smokers indignation. At first they were banished from streets and office establishments, where smokers were allowed to smoke. Then it was forbidden to smoke cigarettes in bars and restaurants, also at beaches and even at some streets of different cities. Now, fighters against tobacco smoking got into houses.</p> <center><img src=></center>