Havana cigars <p>Havana cigars are very popular among smokers. They are famous for one fact, outstanding political figure Sir Winston Churchill smoked Havana cigars. Cigars were the source of firm political decisions for him.</p> <p>Havana cigars accompanied Sir Winston Churchill practically everywhere. He smoked them at home and at work. He especially liked to smoke during the work. Sir Churchill spent much money on cigars. Due to this passion, there is a cigar brand Churchill in cigar production. Havana cigars are famous for the fact that there are many legends about them. One of the most wide spread is that the reason why Havana cigars are so good is because they are rolled on hips of Havana women. Due to such nice legends, Havana cigars gain more popularity.</p> <p>Some years ago owning to Havana cigars one worker from Cuban tobacco factory became very famous person. This virtuoso is in Guinness book because of his record: the man managed to roll a cigar 11 meters long. This man has been working at the factory since 9 years old, and his Havana cigars are considered to be the best ones. Usually cigars are sold in wooden boxes. They are kept in humidors, which do not only keep cigars safe but are also they are the subjects of collecting.</p> <p>For example, in 1989 humidor of John Kennedy was sold by auction for $159 000. Havana cigars really embody true quality of expensive cigars. Havana cigars deserve only true connoisseurs of valuable cigars.</p> <center><img src="http://www.cigarettehouse.net/img_news/lll.jpg" alt=""></center>