France without cigarettes <p>Now French parliament is discussing smoking ban in restaurants, bars and Eiffel tower. France may become nonsmoking country. For many people cigar or cigarette is the best end of perfect dinner. Frenchmen say: Day without cigarette is like the day without sun. Frenchmen would not be Frenchmen if their attitude to smoking does not have so many contradictions. One part of government sells Gauloise cigarettes and other tobacco goods for tax collection. Another part runs advertising campaign against smoking.</p> <p>Frenchmen do not laugh during smoking cigarettes or cigars. They are in earnest about it. In cafes visitors are offered matches. Tourists take matches away as souvenirs. Cigar smokers use lighters. The most sensual gesture made by woman is cigar lighting. It is hard to imagine France without smokers. Victor Hugo would never write Les Misérables if there was no cigarettes pack on the table. Heavy blow will overtake tobacco companies, nothing to say about armed forces. Without Gitanes in march bag soldiers will turn into pitiful resemblance.</p> <center><img src="" alt=""></center>