Cigarette rituals <p>Cigarette rituals are able to point out inner emotional state of smoker. Deep inhalation during the question is a classic case, plaid up in movies many times. Person is asked, but he answers not at once, just after deep inhalation, and he does it very slowly and in emphatic manner. Cigarette is the only one and comprehendible opportunity to take pause for some seconds. If person does not smoke, silence is unnatural and inappropriate.</p> <p>Manipulation similar to inhalation is shaking off ashes into ashtray, taking smoking accessories, putting out of cigarette, lighting the new one. Person may not smoke in this, moment, but roll lighter or cigarettes pack in hands, crumple cigarette. It occurs very often, and if among your friends there are smokers, you will notice such habits.</p> <p>It is also interesting that during conversation with such person such feeling appears sometimes as if he does not listen to you at all, but his attention is turned to cigarette, ashtray or to cigarettes pack. It is the sure sign that he does not like the situation or conversation. By the way, it points also at light spontaneous self&#8208;produced trance. Person is concentrated not at you, but at the process of smoking or at manipulations with smoking accessories. The same behavior may be noticed among non smokers: for example person turns glass of water in hands, looks into the glass, and draws out a contour at the edges of this glass. The reasons are: anxiety, search of decision, irritation or even boredom.</p> <center><img src="" alt=""></center>