New Year for smokers <p>At the beginning of 2008 in many countries smoking bans are put into force. Since the 1st of January absolute smoking ban in cafes, pubs and restaurants is introduced. With this in such establishments cigarettes smoking is allowed in special smoking rooms. Law breakers will have to pay penalty in the amount of 68 Euro, and the owners of the establishments will have to pay 750 Euro. It should be mentioned that the government of France, impressed by the demonstration carried out by smokers and pub owners at the streets of Paris shortly before New Year, delayed smoking ban introducing, and law breakers were not fined at the 1st of January.</p> <p>Also from the 1st of January in 8 lands of FRG smoking ban in public places is introduced. Smoking ban is related to those establishments, where there are no specially equipped rooms for cigarettes smokers. Such smoking ban has already been in force in three federal lands, and this ban is very strict in Bavaria: cigarettes smoking is forbidden even in opened pubs. In other five federal formations such smoking ban will be introduced during the first half of 2008.</p> <p>From the beginning of 2008 such smoking ban will be introduced in Portugal. Here this ban is applied to smoking in catering establishments and entertainment places. It is interesting that in local mass media the head of Ministry is talk over. By his initiative smoking ban was introduced and at fist days of 2008 he was noticed in one casino with a cigarette in his mouth. At 4th of January the parliament of Turkey approved smoking ban in public places by overwhelming majority of votes. Smoking ban is applied not only to pubs, restaurants but also to stadiums and parks. Moreover, absolute ban is related to tobacco products advertisement.</p>