Smoking ban in England <p>Smoking ban in public places (restaurants, pubs, clubs, schools, hospitals and other offices) is put into force in England. Smoking ban in public places was introduced by British parliament in February 2006 and was met with royal approval in July of the same year. Different parts of the United Kingdom decided about the terms of smoking ban coming into effect independently, because the matters of public health are under the jurisdiction of local authorities.</p> <p>Scotland became the pioneer in this respect, where the giving smoking ban was put into force at 26th is March, 2006. In Wales and Northern Ireland this ban is into force since the April of 2007. And now the biggest region of the country with 50 millions of population joined this list.</p> <p>The authors of the law assert that this smoking ban will make the atmosphere of many drinking establishments healthier. The data of polls and the data of investigations of ban introduction differ according to those who held it. If it is the Cancer Organization, the conclusions of the investigations talk about positive effect, but if it is the Association of pub owners, the picture is somewhat different: decrease of income and visitors.</p> <p>Some weeks before smoking ban was put into force Public Health National Service sent booklets and stickers NO SMOKING to all establishments and companies. These stickers should be placed at front burner. Employers can organize special rooms for smokers. Smoking is also allowed at opened terraces of restaurants and cafes. Actors of theatres are also allowed to smoke cigarettes at scene id it is an integral part of the performance.</p>