British smokers are offered to buy license to smoke for $20 per year <p>In the case of introduction of a new bill, British smokers will have to take out the government license of tobacco smoking. This idea was developed by the professor of London School of Economics Julian le Grand, the head of the commission of experts of British Public Health Ministry.</p> <p>It should be mentioned that since the July, 1, 2007 smoking ban in public places was introduced in Great Britain. Law breakers are expected to pay fine which is 2,500 pounds (maximal penalty). The commission offers to forbid cigarettes sale to people without special license which costs $20. Proceeds are proposed to direct to national system of public health. Moreover, smokers will be obliged to show the document certified by the doctor. According to the document the health of the smoker is not exposed to serious hazard in view of a bad habit.</p> <p>They say in the department of public health that the offered scheme is not regarded as the practical method of struggle against smoking yet. At the same time, the department press secretary claimed that the consultations of the next steps in the field of tobacco turnover control will be carried out this year, and the leadership is ready to view all possible variants.</p> <center><img src="" alt=""></center>