<b>What will tell you smoker's gestures?</b> <p>Some information about person's character can be extracted from how he holds cigarettes. The farther alight cigarette is placed on palm, the more delicate and sensible the person that holds it is, all the more he has a streak of creative nature signs that more is more based on feelings and emotion language than on mind and logic. All people that surround him he takes most likely externally, orienting on that much talked-about "first sight", the first initial impression.</p> <p>But, as intuition of such people is developed very well, the second impression is seldom deceptive. You may demonstrate towards such smoker (that holds cigarette with finger's tips, i.e. maximally distant from the palm) miracles of public speaking and stylistic howlers of logical arguments. But if he hasn't liked your hair color for some reason, nail polish on legs or fashion of your jacket and plus to all this you are smiling somehow differently and are not nice seating than unfavorable first impression from you will remain with him for long time. Such man "reads" people intuitively, i.e. mainly according to nonverbal signals.</p> <p>Smoker, that squeezes cigarette between index and first fingers, quasi hiding it in palm (this gesture is true male, you will unlikely see woman with such a gesture) knows very well what he wants from this life and can defend his own interests. Though this defense doesn't look like leader that carries all before one, person that is used to give commands to others. Most likely, the question is in contumacy in something specific when person with enviable persistence day after day with small steps moves to not such a big but precious goal.</p> <p>Smoker that holds cigarette between long and index fingers close to the palm and during each inhaling that brings to the mouth the whole palm, is most likely introvert. Not just introvert, but person that is afraid of any strong feelings and emotions. He can as much as he wishes demonstrate with all his behavior coldness, distance and even cynicism, but typical gesture while smoking will betray him with head. In such a way holds cigarette person with very vulnerable soul, such vulnerable that he prefers to keep distance with surrounding him people, not allowing to approach anybody, as once (most likely in childhood) sadder but wiser, he understood: if he will allow someone to approach too close to his soul, it will hurt after. Such a bitter experience.</p> <p>But, externally, we repeat, this person appears like detached and very arrogant fellow who doesn't need anyone.</p> <p>These are briefly those simple conclusions that you may make observing the person's way to smoke. To spend the entire day in smoking-room is really unhealthy (providing that you don't smoke). But to observe person that interests you, how he smokes will be quite useful and in any other situation.</p> <center><img src="http://www.cigarettehouse.net/img_news/smoker.jpg" alt=""></center>