<p><b>Tobacco</b></p> <p>Tobacco surrounds us everywhere. Even if you don't smoke, just go outside, look round, look how many people smoke cigarettes. Tobacco has taken many people under its influence. Some people's life even doesn't have any sense without smoking. Tobacco advertisement can be seen anywhere, on bus stops, on billboards, in shops, on TV.</p> <p>Tobacco is produced in huge quantities all over the world. It is manufactured and by big and small plants. And tobacco products can be acquired, literally on every street corner. In any market you can find large assortment of tobacco products. But in specialized shops not only will offer a lot of different tobacco products but also will give advice which is better to choose.</p> <p>Tobacco was very popular during war. Just tobacco gave psychological defense to solders, revived their spirits, and reinforced their battle stance. After the war has finished many people continued to smoke tobacco as they did before.</p> <p>Tobacco always keeps up with progress, increases tobacco quality and development of different sorts of tobacco products. Now you can observe a lot of tobacco sorts: light, for ladies and strong. Tons of tobacco products are manufactured each day. And each year tobacco production increases and increases quantity of smokers in entire world.</p> <center><img src="http://cigarettehouse.net/img_news/tobacco.jpg" alt=""></center>